Help finding your next job is within reach.

Your local public library has the resources you need!

If you need help searching for a new job, it's time to connect with your public library. Professional librarians throughout Wisconsin have the knowledge and training to make your job search a little easier. Library staff can direct you to resources that will help you find job opportunities that fit your goals and needs. Additionally, your local public library offers convenient hours, a range of free and minimal-cost services, and friendly staff you can trust. Locate Your Public Library.

Here's how your library can help.

Wisconsin public libraries want to make job searching easier for anyone in need of help. Through a partnership with the Department of Workforce Development, job search tools are available to you both online and in person. Services and programs vary by location, so contact your public library to learn how they can help and if an appointment is needed.

Access to Computers, Printers, Internet, and Training:

Technology has changed the way we search for jobs. Your public library provides access to public computers, printers, and free Wi-Fi so you can get online and find the information you need. Many public libraries also offer computer workshops, classes, and training to help navigate your job search.

Career and Job Search Help:

Searching for a job can be overwhelming. It's often difficult to even know where to start. That's where the librarians at your public library can help. They are information specialists. Librarians can help you cut through the clutter with online search support and point you to the best career and job search resources.

Job and Career Tools and Resources:

The public libraries in Wisconsin want to put all job seekers in the best position to succeed. That’s why many of our locations offer a wide range of job and career tool services, including:

  • Resume building
  • Application assistance
  • Adult programs
  • Interview preparation
  • Skills improvement

Find out more information about your public library here.

Trusted Guidance and a Safe Environment:

Your public library is a safe, respected, and trustworthy presence in the community where all are welcome. Our librarians help people from all walks of life get the help they need in a supportive and comfortable environment. And remember, almost all our library services are free and they’re always discreet!

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