Older Worker

Older workers are a growing pool of untapped resources for solving your labor shortage problems. Learn more about hiring older workers, how to attract and retain older workers, and assess your business older worker climate.

Older Worker Toolkit

Organizations with an Older Worker focus

  • Wisconsin Job Centers
    Wisconsin Job Centers offer information and services to employers and job seekers. To find the nearest location, call toll free 888-258-9956 or visit http://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/directory/

  • Senior Community Service Employment Program -- (Title V)
    (608) 267-9097
    Senior Community Service Employment Program is a national employment and training program for low-income older adults. Eligible participants can learn new skills and gain work experience in community service assignments with the goal of obtaining gainful employment.

    In Wisconsin, see: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/aging/WISE/index.htm.
    The U.S. Department of Labor web site is: www.doleta.gov/seniors.

  • Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM)
    The web sites from this national organization feature information on retention, older workers, telecommuting, benefits for part-time or non-traditional employees, and age discrimination.

    In Wisconsin, see: www.wishrm.org.
    The national web site is www.shrm.org.

  • AARP
    AARP offers several publications including: "Easing the Transition: Phased and Partial Retirement Programs"; "How to Recruit Older Workers"; "How to Train Older Workers"; and, "How to Manage Older Workers".

    The web site is www.aarp.org.

  • Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups -- (CWAG)
    The CWAG mission is to advocate for the special needs of older persons, to assure that older persons are recognized as people of dignity and worth, and to affirm that older persons are partners in building the Wisconsin of tomorrow for people of all ages. Call the number above for the location of the nearest Area Agency on Aging.

    The web site is www.cwag.org.

  • Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project
    The Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project offers free legal assistance in the form of pension counseling, pension claims assistance, and advocacy for pension participants. UMPRP attorneys can assist retirees and their families with various pension benefits related problems such as locating a pension plan, applying for benefits, correcting benefit miscalculations, and appealing benefit denials.

    The web site is Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project.

From the Department of Workforce Development (DWD)

Labor Law Clinics

Labor Law Clinics are educational seminars, usually one or two days in length, which are open to the public and feature DWD staff explaining many of the laws and rules the agency administers. For dates and locations of upcoming clinics.

See: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/laborlaw/

Age Discrimination Laws

State and federal law protects most workers age 40 and older from workplace discrimination. Wisconsin’s Fair Employment Law applies to virtually all private and public employers, regardless of the number of employees. Federal age protections are contained in the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, known as the ADEA. The ADEA applies only to employers with 20 or more workers.

See: Age Discrimination in the Workplace
See also: Age Discrimination Laws (federal)