Non-Traditional Occupations

Wisconsin Job Centers provide equitable and unrestricted job information to all customers. This includes referral activities that are not based on stereotypes of what is considered traditional women's and men’s work.

There are occupations that are considered Non-Traditional Occupations (NTO) for women and men, defined by the US Department of Labor as occupations in which 25% or fewer workers are either women or men.

NTO references

  • NTO Resource Guide
    This guide contains "hands-on" tools to guide women who are exploring NTO. It includes an NTO quiz, IQ quiz, career ladders, and information specific to W-2 clients.
  • Non-Traditional Jobs in Wisconsin (Excel)
    A table of data from the 2000 Census is presented here for review, containing columns of information sortable by county, Standard Occupational Code, and occupation titles.

State Links

Transportation Alliances for New Solutions (TrANS)

TrANS Grads are trained to provide general labor services for Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation (WisDOT) projects. Firms employing this special type of apprentice are entitled to a reimbursement for every hour the employee works.

Wisconsin Technical College System NTO Links

National Links