Find Qualified Veterans
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Find Qualified Veterans

Wisconsin employers seek military experience to build an innovative, resourceful and reliable workforce. Veterans leave the military with highly desired, transferable skills, and nearly all military jobs have an equivalent civilian job. Let the Department of Workforce Development help you recruit qualified veterans to fill your job vacancies.

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Recruit and Retain Talent

Job Center of Wisconsin: Where Talent & Opportunity Meet – In-Person & Online

Contact Business Services at your local Job Center to access effective, low and no-cost talent development solutions for veterans available through the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and local partners. Let staff help you:

  • Post job openings online
  • Coordinate onsite recruitments, application collections and job candidate screenings
  • Administer pre-employment assessments
  • Access hiring incentives and tax credits
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Logon to (JCW) to access Wisconsin's online public labor exchange that connects employers with veteran talent at no-cost. Features help you:

  • Quickly search for and identify veteran talent
  • Research the transferrable skills between military and civilian jobs
  • Build job descriptions based on skills to expand your search for qualified veterans
  • Use enhanced tools and MyLMI widgets to access and save integrated labor market information

Learn how military positions and ranks translate to roles in your organization by reviewing this guide.

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WisConnect: Recruit college interns on WisConnect, a free online resource that matches college students, including veterans, with internships by location, college major and key skills. Use your JCW logon to sign in and develop a company profile, build programs, post internships and search for interns.

Transitional Skills Based on Ranks

Office of Veteran Employment Services (OVES)

Employers seek military experience to build an innovative, resourceful and reliable workforce. Contact OVES to find your Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) to recruit veteran job seekers, identify transferrable skills between military and civilian occupations, access incentives for hiring veterans and more.

Find a Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER)

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Contact your LVER to recruit veteran job seekers, identify transferrable skills between military and civilian occupations, access incentives for hiring veterans and more.

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Success Story

"You have to be very, very flexible. Ability to think on your feet. React. Be professional. And meet challenges on a daily basis. That really is a job description for the military." Kent Knutson head of LCS sales, Central and North America Krones on one of the reason why he hires veterans.

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Training Solutions

On-the-Job Training: Onboard qualified veteran new hires and prospective workers with on-the-job training solutions and work experiences to improve retention results. Employers may apply for reimbursement to cover a portion of the training costs.

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Wisconsin Apprenticeship: Build a customized skills training system that instills your company's values while helping veteran, returning veteran, reservist and National Guard member apprentices earn good-paying, family-supporting wages as they gain high-demand occupational skills. Help your business address the skills gap with this proven workforce readiness solution.

Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Grant Program: Coordinated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, grants are available to registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) non-profit organizations that provide training, technical, business or other assistance to veteran entrepreneurs to improve employment outcomes.

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Wisconsin Fast Forward: The Wisconsin Fast Forward program awards customized worker training grants to Wisconsin businesses to fill current and ongoing skill requirements. Employers in all sectors with worker training needs are encouraged to apply for available grants.

Post 9/11 GI Bill: Veterans may be eligible for several types of VA education and training benefits.

Hire Heroes: Wisconsin Transitional Jobs Program for Veterans

The Hire Heroes Transitional Jobs Program for Veterans is a public/private partnership that offers local businesses access to subsidized veteran employees with the goal of helping veterans with high barriers gain job skills needed to transition into long-term sustainable employment.

Eligible veterans can enter subsidized employment for up to 1,040 to gain new or updated skills through on-the-job training. Employers can train eligible veterans while being reimbursed federal minimum wage.

To be eligible, the individual must meet these requirements:

  1. At least 18 years of age.
  2. Must be a veteran, as defined under Wis. Stat. § 45.01(12).
  3. Must have applied to the program no later than 7 years after the date of discharge from military service.
  4. Must be ineligible to participate in the Wisconsin Works program.
  5. Must be unemployed for at least 4 weeks.
  6. Satisfy all requirements related to substance abuse screening, testing, and treatment.

Interested veterans or employers should contact their local job center for more information and enrollment information.

Program forms:
DETV-18609: W-2 Screening Tool
DETV-18610: Hire Heroes Application Form

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Include Veterans in Workforce Planning

Vets Ready Employer Initiative: Vets Ready is a recognition of employers who go above and beyond for the veterans in their community and especially in their workforce. Businesses deemed "Vets Ready" provide an exemplary support system for Wisconsin's veterans and have demonstrated a strong commitment to building an engaged veteran network, both inside and outside their workplace. Learn how to apply to be recognized as a Vets Ready Employer.

Hiring Incentives and Tax Credits: Qualify for hiring incentives and tax credits when you promote workforce diversity and facilitate access to good jobs by hiring veterans with barriers to employment. Examples include:

USERRA: Understand an employer's responsibility with regards to reserve and active duty employees.

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WisConomy: Offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to help veterans and businesses research economic and labor market data and make informed employment decisions. Create personalized reports and visualizations using the most current data available in Wisconsin to learn about the local labor pool; examine wages and long-term employment projections by industry and occupation; and help determine business location and expansion plans.

Learn about national resources to help build and support your veteran workforce. The Department of Veteran Affairs offers a Veterans Employment Toolkit for your assistance.

Department of Labor Medallion Program

The HIRE Vets Medallion Award is the only federal-level veterans’ employment award that recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development. Awards are given annually. Learn more and apply to the Medallion Program today.

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