Employer Training

Employer Training

The Division of Employment and Training (DET) and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) support the professional development of all workforce development staff, the public, and employers for the purpose of improving the employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities. The DVR provided consultation in the provision of the Disability-related Training Series.

These online courses are free of charge. Some courses require registration through the DWD's Learning Center for Wisconsin.

Training goals include:

  • Increase awareness of disabilities
  • Improve ability to meet the needs of employees with disabilities
  • Increase capability to recruit, hire and promote workers with disabilities
  • Improve employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities

DWD-Sponsored Training

Learning Center for Wisconsin registration is required.

Instructions for Using Learning Center for Wisconsin

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1. If you do not have an account for Learning Center for Wisconsin or JCW, create one

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4. Check your email for instructions from the DWD Learning Center for Wisconsin

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If you experience problems during the registration process, contact Cornerstone@dwd.wisconsin.gov.

Disability-related Training Series

Registration is required for access to the modules. Follow the instructions above.

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Disability Awareness & Etiquette

Disability etiquette sets a respectful tone when communicating with individuals with disabilities. This module expands etiquette related to mobility issues and considers, also, etiquette for disabilities in general, including invisible disabilities. The following audiences may find this module useful: employers, workforce development staff, and the public.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities (LD) are frequently misunderstood. This module provides an overview of LD, explains the major types of LD, and provides ideas for accommodating them. The following audiences may find this module useful: workforce development staff, employers, and the public.

Other DWD-sponsored Training

Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Untreated mental health conditions can result in higher health care costs, increased absenteeism, and decreased productivity. Approximately one-fourth of the workforce is affected by some form of a mental health condition. This training was designed specifically for employers, supervisors, and managers. It will identify why mental health matters to business and identify mental health issues as they present in the workplace. The presenter provides strategies to help supervisors/managers address these workplace concerns.

Hmong Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

This training expands awareness among Job Center staff, service providers, and employers about the obstacles of multiple barriers, including refugee status, cultural issues, and disabilities, to Hmong's employment. The training describes Hmong's perceptions about and experiences with disabilities, emphasizing how to provide more culturally sensitive and effective vocational services and employment supports to individuals of Hmong ethnic background. This presentation provides a historical background of Hmong former refugees in the U.S., including their immigration to and resettlement in Wisconsin. It discusses common cultural and linguistic issues that Hmong persons experience on a regular basis.